Most comic book readers and collectors are into comics for personal interest or as investors, and often both. 

Comic books contain heroes that inspire us.  The illustrator and story creators sweep us into a world where ordinary working class people like ourselves with mundane problems, were also gifted with extraordinary gifts and superhero powers, most of which are used to keep their communities safe and bring order to the lawless areas that the villains are wreaking havoc on.  The battle between good and evil keeps us coming back for more. 

Comics like coins, have their values determined by rarity and condition.  Some can be worth multiple thousands of dollars, but more often they make enjoyable reads without having high values. 

Many children are introduced to reading through the medium of comic books.  It turns them on to literature and engages their imagination and creative minds, without it feeling like required reading, or tedious homework.

Comic book Key Issues

View our list of key comic book issues from Marvel, DC and others.