There’s (almost) always Gold!!

I’ve lost count how many times a customer has   stated : “I’ve got some costume jewelry, I’m pretty sure it’s all junk, do you even buy that?”  The answer is always YES!  Primarily because there’s  almost always GOLD or SILVER mixed in!  Whether it’s a tangled gold chain, tarnished silver earrings, or even gold plated sterling jewelry, I’ve carefully searched dozens upon dozens of jewelry boxes, and found everything from 14K gold cameos to 10K gold service award pins, to 22k gold half sovereign coins, to palladium dental fillings to .800 Russian silver cuff links! 

Don’t throw anything out before I look at it!! Countless times I’ve had family members urging siblings to toss jewelry out (along with old toys, records, baseball cards, comics, you name it!), and I was often able to pay them a lot of 💰 – for their “junk”! I tear apart the lining of jewelry boxes and sometimes earring-backs and thin gold chains are hiding in there!!

I want to search all those attics, basements, garages and closets for your treasure!!

I bet there’s some gold or other treasure lurking in there somewhere. 

Please call or visit the shop to book an appointment. 

See you soon!


KC’s Gold