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Is my coin silver or not?

The best way to determine if your coin is silver is to view the edge of the coin. If the coin has a solid silver edge, this will ensure your coin is silver. If you instead see a copper stripe on the edge, then the coin is clad, and is likely comprised of copper and […]

There’s (almost) always Gold!!

I’ve lost count how many times a customer has   stated : “I’ve got some costume jewelry, I’m pretty sure it’s all junk, do you even buy that?”  The answer is always YES!  Primarily because there’s  almost always GOLD or SILVER mixed in!  Whether it’s a tangled gold chain, tarnished silver earrings, or even gold plated […]

Vintage Postcards

Picture it, you’re living on a farm in the 1920’s and you want to send a quick note to a friend in a neighboring state.  Perhaps a “Happy New Year!” greeting, or the always popular “our oxe has taken ill, and sadly we won’t be joining you for Thanksgiving”. For less than a nickel, you […]

Vintage Baseball Cards

I grew up in the 1980’s collecting baseball and basketball cards with my father and childhood friends.  I’d spend all my birthday money at the Eagle’s Nest in Old Avon Village and The Bullpen in Conway, Arkansas when I was visiting my grandparents for the summer.  In the summer of 1988 my dad treated me […]

War Nickels

In October of 1942, the U.S. Mint starting producing five-cent nickels composed of copper (56%), silver (35%) and manganese (9%).  Before 1942, U.S. nickels were composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel.  These new wartime silver alloy nickels were created to eliminate nickel, a critical war material for battle in the Europe and the Pacific. […]