Every day at the shop is like Christmas morning.

Every day at the shop is like Christmas morning.  Waiting for the odd and unique items to come through the door transports me back to that giddy blonde 10 year old – wondering what’s wrapped under the tree and stuffed in the red puffy sock.

When a customer enters KC’s Gold with a bag or box full of mystery, I light up with curiosity, and begin to dream of the treasure that lurks within the containers.

There seems to be an endless supply of vintage relics hiding in the attics, basements and garages of Connecticut, and I want to see it ALL.

I love to sift through boxes, bags and rooms full of old stuff.  I love to read the messages written on old post cards, wonder how many times that Spider-Man comic was enjoyed, and find a new home for that Art Deco Ruby Ring that I bought from the daughter settling her parent’s estate.

Yesterday, a gentleman walked into the shop with a small paper bag containing a wad of musty, grimy and dirty old jewelry.  It was found inside a vintage desk left in the attic of a home his son just purchased in central Connecticut.  “Can you please tell me if there’s anything good in here, or if it’s all trash?”, he asked.

I replied “Certainly, but this will take some time to do it properly”.  He said he had all day.  So I separated out the silver looking items from the gold looking items, and since there was so much grime and dirt on these pieces (they literally looked like they were hiding in the ground, and someone dug them out after 60 years of subterranean living). Most of the hallmarks and gold markings were covered, so I had to acid test dozens of pieces.  Amazingly, almost every piece was either 10K or 14K Gold with a couple of Sterling Silver rings mixed in.  It literally felt like scratching off lottery tickets.  The customer and I would get excited with each and piece that kept piling up.  In the end, there was about $500.00 worth of gold in this little bag he brought in.  I am very happy he came to KC’s and let me spend the time to make sure he was fairly paid.

I do my best to treat every customer like a friend or family member, and respectfully examine their items, and pay them as much as I can for whatever they bring in, or whatever I discover at their home.  I LOVE to do HOUSE CALLS.

If you know anyone doing some spring cleaning, or just want to know more about an old item you may have, I am happy to give free quotes/estimates on anything you may have.  I have some extensive research tools and connections in the business to help direct you to the best place to sell your items (even if it’s something I cannot use).

Bring in those Silver and Gold Coins, Jewelry Boxes, and Collections of Comics Vinyl Records and Baseball Cards. 

The next great treasure may be sitting right on top of your bureau or under your work bench.

~Fred C.